Occupational Health and Safety

  • OHS Awareness

 Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. This responsibility means being aware of the risks and hazards around you and being familiar with the methods for controlling them. Every day and before every task, you must engage the three most important safety tools at your disposal.

 OSHA/ NASP 10 Hours

 10 Hour OSHA training course and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is an organization designed to improve the safety standards among workers and train them to help avoid accidents on the job. NASP certificate and wallet card will be awarded after successfully completing the course.

  • OSHA/ NASP 30 Hours

 SHA 30-Hour Construction Courses are designed for construction foremen, superintendents and engineers, safety professionals, construction managers, plant engineers, construction inspectors and any other personnel responsible for workplace safety.

Safety Management Group’s OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course is among the most recognized initiatives of OSHA’s primary worker training program. The 30-Hour Course provides a more in-depth examination of workplace safety issues. In addition to covering the same topics as the 10-Hour Construction Courses, the 30-Hour course covers additional safety/OSHA material. NASP certificate and wallet card will be awarded after successfully completing the course.



 This course has been developed for multinational organizations in all sectors working in accordance with international standards or directives but adapting to local needs. It provides organizations with a global presence seeking to adopt an internationally recognized health and safety training program for its staff. The Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification and provides an excellent underpinning knowledge of safety & health and a sound basis for evaluating hazards and risks. The syllabus incorporates International, technical and other standards where they exist. In other cases, requirements and practices that represent ‘good practice’ are followed.

 The NEBOSH International General Certificate follows the same principles as the National General Certificate – achieving high standards of health and safety – regardless of any local legal requirements.

 Delegates who successfully complete two 2-hour written papers, (close book exam) plus a practical assessment will receive a NEBOSH International General Certificate.


  • First Aid

 Suitable for people 18 years and over, this course is designed for anyone wanting to become an accredited first aider or appointed person. Particularly appropriate to companies where HSE guidelines recommend a trained first aider qualified in first aid at work.


  • Fire Fighting/ Evacuation

 The aim of this course is to provide basic Emergency Response Fire Training to candidates applying for full-time or part-time positions with the Emergency Fire Services. This course will give you the necessary basic firefighting knowledge/ skills and prepare you for the interview and pre-selection process. The course will help you prepare the evacuation plan and experience live evacuation drill.


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